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What is CereBlue?

CereBlue is a unique supplement that promotes the enhancement of cognitive functions such as focus, mental clarity and memory. It is formulated with the some of the most sought after cognitive enhancement ingredients available today. There is no other formula on the market that contains Methylene Blue, which is shown to have profound effects on brain health.

Who created CereBlue?

CereBlue was created by Dr. Eric Lang and Pharmacist Diahn Clark (Short bios on the two and link to the “About CereBlue” section for more info).

What is a Nootropic? And why are they needed?

A nootropic is a drug/supplement that is used to improve memory and enhance other cognitive functions.

As people age there is a natural decline in memory and executive/cognitive functioning. This is
Inevitable and no medication or supplement can completely prevent it. Conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease drastically worsen this situation. As we live longer the chance of experiencing significant decline in these processes also increase. The loss of memory and cognitive function can have severe adverse effects on social and physical activities and a profound negative effect on quality of life. Even mild impairment can have a significant negative impact on how we live our lives.

It is estimated that almost 40 million people currently live with dementia, and many millions more are experiencing at least mild to moderate cognitive and memory loss.This is not just a problem in the United States- it is worldwide. And as the population ages it will only get worse.

There are many factors contributing to this…genetics, diet, living conditions/environment, etc. Some are unchangeable- we cannot control who are ancestors were. Improvement is diet/exercise, reducing stress, and betterment in living conditions also contribute to the lessening of the complications. There is also a major role for pharmacological agents that can help in reducing the devastating effects of memory/cognition loss. As health care practitioners that deal with this situation daily and in the real world,Drs. Lang and Clark saw that what is currently available was less than ideal, and in some cases completely ineffective. It is for this reason that CereBlue was created.

We realize that no single medication or supplement will completely solve the cognition/memory/dementia issue. We DO feel that of all the available nootropic supplements our CereBlue is the best available to help improve the situation. And there is clinical and scientific data to back up this assertion.

What is the Active Ingredient in CereBlue?

Methylene Blue. View How It Works page for more information on our groundbreaking formulation.

How many capsules/servings are in each bottle of CereBlue?

There are 30 capsules per bottle. The serving size is 1 Gelcap.

How long will it take to notice the results of using CereBlue?

Like any drug out there the results vary per person. Some may notice improvement within a few days to weeks; others may take longer. There is always a possibility that some individuals may not experience any significant improvement. In users who experience improvements (most people who take CereBlue) the product should be taken regularly to maintain the beneficial effects.

Is CereBlue safe and free of side effects?

No product can be guaranteed 100% free of any and all side effects. There are several important caveats that must be read and understood by anybody contemplating the use of this product. We highly recommend consultation with a healthcare practitioner before purchasing and using CereBlue.

Where is CereBlue made?

CereBlue is manufactured 100% in a GMP-certified lab in the United States with no GMO constituents

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